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Most Popular Traditional Russian Foods In 2020

Due to Russian has an ancient culture, this country has developed over the centuries a rich cuisine. That is why Russia can offer visitors a wide variety of delicious recipes that are prepared with an endless variety of native Russian ingredients. On the other hand Russian cuisine has changed over time; however most recipes still maintain very high standards. This page will show you that there is more Russian food than just Shchi and Okroshka, it will also help you to discover different sorts of Russian cuisine and a wide range of Russian recipes.

In this section we've selected the top recipes that non doubt, you will really enjoy reading and making by own your hands. Find out all about Russian recipes with step by step instructions, photos and videos.

Russia have some native foods with great healthy properties: beets, kefir, cabbage, kavas or wide variety of fish. Beets for example are rich in folate, manganese, potassium, fiber, Vitamin C and iron. This food high in iron have multiple recipes: Beet Salad with Goat Cheese, beets on the grill, red salad or Beetroot Hummus.


Russian people used to prepare this soup during the summer. This delicious dish is traditional and very popular; learn how to prepare it here.


Learn to prepare this tasty Russian soup that its main ingredient is cabbage. This dish is very popular in Russia and Eastern Europe.


Here you will learn to prepare Ukha that is a traditional Russian soup of salmon. Many tourists recommend this dish.


Rassolnik is a tasty soup with many ways to prepare it. Russian people use to eat this dish as a cure for hangovers.


Here you can learn how to prepare this Russian soup that is very popular in Russia and Ukraine.


Learn the correct way for preparing Borscht that is a delicious and popular soup especially eaten during winter.


Here you will learn to prepare the medieval dishKholodets that is very tasty and popular; it also is easy to prepare.


Here you can learn how to prepare Pelmeni, a delicious and very tasty Russian dish, that is better when you prepare it at home.

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