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Russian Grammar: Verbs

Definition: The verb is the part of speech or lexical category. A verb expresses existence, action, status or condition of the subject, semantically expresses a complete predication.

In the Russian language, the verbs have two aspects: Imperfective and Perfective; two Conjugations: First conjugation and Second conjugation, and Russian as many other languages, it has three tenses: Past, Present and Future tense.

Verb To Be - быть

The Verb to be (быть) is used in the Compound Future tense, this verb also needs to be conjugated according to person that done action.

**Person****Russian****Verb To be****Pronunciation**
He / She / ItОн / она / онобудет*budet*

Perfective Verb

The perfective verbs are these that describe one action that finished or are completed.


  • Jose writes a letter.

  • Хосе пишет письмо.

  • Hose pishet pisʹmo.

  • Peter plays football in the park.

  • Петр играет в футбол в парке.

  • Petr igraet v futbol v parke.

  • Maria danced all night.

  • Мария танцевали всю ночь.

  • Mariya tantsevali vsyu nochʹ.

  • My sister sings in a choir.

  • Моя сестра поет в хоре.

  • Moya sestra poet v hore.

Imperfective Verb

The imperfective verbs, are these that describe an action which are incomplete, or that not indicate the finished of action. Example:

  • I will be playing volleyball in the park.

  • Я буду играть в волейбол в парке.

  • YA budu igratʹ v volyeĭbol vparke.

  • Alfredo is washing services in the kitchen.

  • Альфредо моет услуг в кухне.

  • Alʹfredo moet uslug vkuhne.

  • Miguel was dancing last night.

  • Мигель танцевал вчера вечером.

  • Migelʹ tantseval vchera vecherom.

  • We were traveling to France.

  • Мы ехали во Францию.

  • My yehali vo Frantsiyu.

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