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Russian Verb: говорить (To Speak)

The verb говорить (to speak) belongs to the second Russian conjugation. The verb to speak has many derivates so one must be careful to use the correct conjugation form in all grammatical times. Conjugation of this verb is very similar to others such as say and talk, therefore when you look up its conjugation up in a Russian dictionary, you will find verb conjugation of to say, to speak and to talk as reference. Have a look at the following conjugation table which shows the main Russian verb conjugations.

Russian Verb Conjugator

**ImperfectiveAspect****Perfective Aspect**
**Present Tense**  
1st Person SingularГоворю 
2nd Person SingularГоворишь 
3rd Person SingularГоворит 
1st Person PluralГоворим 
2nd Person PluralГоворите 
3rd Person PluralГоворият 
**Past Tense **  
**Future Tense **  
1st Person SingularБуду ГоворитьСкажу
2nd Person SingularБудешь ГоворитьСкажешь
3rd Person SingularБудет ГоворитьСкажет
1st Person PluralБудем ГоворитьСкажем
2nd Person PluralБудете ГоворитьСкажете
3rd Person PluralБудут ГоворитьСкажут
**Command Form **  
**Subjunctive Mood**  
Masculineговори́л бысказа́л бы
Feminineговори́ла бысказа́ла бы
Neuterговори́ло бысказа́ло бы
Pluralговори́ли бысказа́ли бы
Present Active Participleговоря́щий 
Past Active Participleговори́вшийсказа́вший
Present Passive Participleговори́мый 
Past Passive Participle ска́занный
Verbal Adverb (Gerund)говоря́сказа́в

Sample sentences:

  • You speak English and Russian languages.
  • Вы говорите на английском и русском языках.
  • I used to speak about Russian fairy tales.
  • Я имел обыкновение говорить о русских сказок.
  • George has spoken something very strange.
  • Джордж говорил что-то очень странное.

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