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Russian Verb: Быть (To Be)

Russian people use the verb to be in future and past tenses, but present tense only for specific situations. They use a dash instead of the present tense form of the verb to be to make sentences, e.g. Моя мать - врач (My mother is a doctor). However, past and future tenses have to be conjugated as it is shown in the following table.

Russian Verb Conjugator

**ImperfectiveAspect****Perfective Aspect**
**Present Tense**  
1st Person Singularесть 
2nd Person Singularесть 
3rd Person Singularесть 
1st Person Pluralесть 
2nd Person Pluralесть 
3rd Person Pluralесть 
**Past Tense **  
**Future Tense **  
1st Person SingularБудуПобуду
2nd Person SingularБудешьПобудешь
3rd Person SingularБудетПобудет
1st Person PluralБудемПобудем
2nd Person PluralБудетеПобудете
3rd Person PluralБудутПобудут
**Command Form **  
**Subjunctive Mood**  
Masculineбыл быпобыл бы
Feminineбыла быпобыла бы
Neuterбыло быпобыло бы
Pluralбыли быпобыли бы
Present Active Participleсущий 
Past Active Participleбывшийпобывший
Verbal Adverb (Gerund)будучипобыв

Sample sentences:

  • I am often in Moscow.
  • Я часто бываю в Москве.
  • The dogs were running along with their tails between their legs.
  • Собаки Был вместе с их хвосты между ног.
  • They will be in Russia the next month.
  • Они будут в России в следующем месяце.

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