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Russian Verb: есть (To Eat)

In this section we provide you with a conjugation table of the irregular verb to eat (есть). This verb has different meanings in Russian language depending on the context.

Russian Verb Conjugator

**ImperfectiveAspect****Perfective Aspect**
**Present Tense**  
1st Person SingularЕм 
2nd Person SingularЕшь 
3rd Person SingularЕст 
1st Person PluralЕдим 
2nd Person PluralЕдите 
3rd Person PluralЕдят   
**Past Tense **  
**Future Tense **  
1st Person SingularБуду ЕстьСъем
2nd Person SingularБудешь ЕстьСъешь
3rd Person SingularБудет ЕстьСъест
1st Person PluralБудем ЕстьСъедим
2nd Person PluralБудете ЕстьСъедите
3rd Person PluralБудут ЕстьСъедят
**Command Form **  

Sample sentences:

  • We will not eat this soup.

  • Мы не бу́дем есть э́тот суп.

  • She did not eat strawberries.

  • Она не ела клубни́ка.

  • Did you eat with him yesterday?

  • Вы ели с ним вчера?

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