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Learn Russian From Сероглазый король (Gray-Eyed King)

Anna Akhmatova was an excellent and brilliant modernist poet in Russia. She was born near Odesa Port at Bolshoy Fontan, in 1889. Her childhood was quite pleasant and enjoyable because she belonged to an upper class family. She moved to St. Petersburg to study literature and world history at the Higher School for girls.

After that, she began to travel around Europe and her first writings saw the light in 1907. Although, she is worldwide recognized as Anna Akhmatova, her real name is Gorenko Akhmatova. She had to change her name because his father did not support her desire to become a writer. Her singular style made her well-known around Russia. Her most remarkable books are rom Six Books(1940), vening(1912), oems(1960) and 'The Flow of Time(1965), to mention a few.

Poems in Russian

### Сероглазый король

Слава тебе, безысходная боль! Умер вчера сероглазый король

Вечер осенний былдушен и ал, Муж мой, вернувшись, спокойно сказал

"Знаешь, с охоты егопринесли, Тело у старого дуба нашли.

Жаль королеву. Такоймолодой!... За ночь одну она сталаседой".

Трубку свою на каминенашел И на работу ночнуюушел.

Дочку мою я сейчас разбужу, В серые глазки ее погляжу.

А за окном шелестят тополя "Нет на земле твоегокороля..."

11 декабря 1910, Царское Село

Anna Akhmatova

Gray-Eyed King

Glory to you, inescapable pain! The gray-eyed king died yesterday.

The autumn evening was sultry and red, My husband returned and quietly said

ou know, they brought him back from the hunt, They found his corpse by the old oak tree.

I pity the queen. He was so young! In just one night her hair turned white. He found his pipe on the mantelpiece And went out to his nighttime shift.

I'll go and wake my daughter now, I'll look into her little gray eyes.

While outside the rustling poplars say our king is no longer upon this earth... 11 December 1910, Tsarskoe Selo

Anna Akhmatova

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