Russian Literature: ПЛОВЕЦ (The Swimmer)

Written byAlina Sinitcyna

Andrei Voznesensky was born in the populous city of Moscow in 1933. This poet was considered as one of the most audacious poets of the Soviet era in Russia. His passion for the literature was developed thanks to his Mather who encouraged him to poetry a lot. Andrei Voznesensky attended the prestige Architectural institute in Moscow. However, in 1957 he got an engineering degree but few years later, he decided to make poetry.

His literary style is recognized around different parts of the world nowadays; it's because the majority of his work has been translated into many languages. As an example, we can mention some memorable poems such as 'The Song', 'Modern Nature', 'Russian American Romance', 'Abuses and Awards', 'Fate' and 'Her story.'

'The Swimmer' is one of the most representative poems of Andrei Voznesensky.

Poems in Russian


Дай мне выплыть из бездн. Я забыл тебя, брасс. Руки-ноги мертвы, бл...дь. Дай мне, Господи, выплыть единственныйраз. Дай мне выплыть.

Я любил в черной шапочке, как Фантомас, Вздыбить лыжами Припять. Брасс, брат мой, Предавший товарища брасс! Дай мне выплыть.

Доигрался, "играющий чемпион"? Рыбки детскаяbjh киноварь Поумней, чем заносчивый черепок, Дай мне вынырнуть.

Сколько всплыло дерьма! Ты одна, как луна, Тянешь в жизнь. Неужели Оказалось сильней притяжение дна Твоего притяженья?

Что-то стало со мною и со страной? Жизнь - без выплат... Изумрудная чайка над тяжкой водой, Дай мне выплыть!

Andrei Voznesensky

The Swimmer

Please let me swim out of the abyss. Breast stroke I forgot you. My hands and feet are dead, G-dammit. Oh, Lord, let me swim out just one time, Oh let me swim out.

Dressed all in grey like the Joker as if on skis I loved to rear up. Oh breast stroke, oh my brother, You fickle friend breast stroke. Oh, let me swim out.

So champ, is this really the end? Oh, fishies, children's cinnabar Smarter than arrogant shards, Oh, let me swim out.

How much crap has swum out! You alone, like the moon, pull me toward life. Could it be true? that the pull of the depths is stronger than yours?

What has happened to me and my Heimat? Life without any debts. An emerald seagull, oppressive depths,Oh, let me swim out.

Andrei Voznesensky

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Author: Alina Sinitcyna
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