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Russian Grammar: Conjugation

Definition: The act of inflecting, that is, changing the form of, a verb; or the resulting word when a verb is inflected. All verbs in Russian, except for a small number of exceptional verbs, belong to one of verbal classes. Example of Conjugation Verb: ("to eat"- есть- *yestʹ*).

Russian Present Tense

Verb Conjugation in Russian Present Tense
Iяем ya yem
Youвыешь vy yedite
He/She/Itон/она/оноест on yest / ona yest / on yest
We мы едим my yedim
You вы едите vy yedite
Theyони едят oni yedyat


  • She eats an ice cream.
  • она ест мороженое.
    • Ona yest morozhenoe*.

Russian Past Tense

Verb Conjugation in Russian Past Tense
Maculineонел on yel
Feminineонаела ona yela
Neuterоноело ono yelo
Plural ониели oni yeli


  • She ate an ice cream.
  • она ела мороженое.
    • Ona yela morozhenoe.*

Russian Future Tense

Verb Conjugation in Russian Future Tense
Iябуду есть budu yest'
Youвыбудешь есть budesh' yest'
He/She/Itон/она/онобудет есть on / ona / on budet yest'
We мы будем есть budem yest'
You вы будете есть budete yest'
Theyони будут есть budut yest'


  • She will eat an ice cream.
  • она будет есть мороженое.
  • Ona budet yestʹ morozhenoe.

Russian Conditional

Verb Conjugation in Russian Conditional
Masculineонел бы yel by
Feminineонаела бы yela by
Neuterоноело бы yelo by
Plural ониели бы yeli by


  • She would eat an ice cream.
  • она ела бы мороженое.
    • Ona yela by morozhenoe. **

Russian Imperative

Verb Conjugation in Russian Imperative
You (Singular)ты ешь yesh'
You (Plural)вы ешьте yesh'te


  • You eat an ice cream.
  • ты ешь мороженое.
    • Ty yeshʹ morozhenoe*.

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