How To Say 'This', 'These', 'That' & 'Those' In Russian

Written byAlina Sinitcyna

Today I want to teach you how to say "this" in Russian (as well as "these", "those", etc.).

These are what's called demonstrative pronouns.

They can either stand on their own (e.g. "This is my book") or modify a noun (e.g. "This book is mine").

Thankfully, in Russian, demonstrative pronouns are super easy.

This / Этот / Etot

Singular ('this' in Russian)

Masculineэтотэтогоэтомуэтого (animate), этот (inanimate)этимоб этом
Feminineэтаэтойэтойэтуэтойоб этой
Neuterэтоэтогоэтомуэтоэтимоб этом


Эта книга мое

Eta kniga moe
This book is mine

это ваши ручки?

Eto vashi ruchki?
Is this your pen?

Plural ('these' in Russian)

этиэтихэтимэтих (animate), эти (inanimate)этимиоб этих


Эти собаки лают

Eti sobaki layut
These dogs are barking

Я хотел бы купить эти автомобили

YA hotel by kupit' eti avtomobili
I would like to buy these cars

That / Тот / Tot

Singular ('that' in Russian)

Masculineтоттоготомутот (animate), того (inanimate)темтом


тот бьютифул царь

Tot b'yutiful tsar'
That beautiful king.

является то, что ваш ноутбук?

yavlyaet·sya to, chto vash noutbuk?
Is that your notebook?

Plural ('those' in Russian)

тетехтемте (animate), тех (inanimate)темитех


Те люди поют

Te lyudi poyut
Those people are singing

Tех собак, мои.

Teh sobak, moi
Those are my dogs.

To conclude

As you can see, it's very easy to memorize and learn.

Once you recognize the few patterns here, you'll be able to say 'this', 'these', 'that' and 'those' in Russian without issue.

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