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Russian Grammar: Possessive adjective

Definition: Possessive adjectives differ depending on the person they are referring to. Possessive adjectives are the words used in place of articles to indicate to whom or to what something belongs. Also with the noun they qualify in gender and number.

In Russian language, the possessive adjectives have differences in gender, as feminine, masculine and neuter but also the difference of singular and plural.

Possessive Adjective in Russian


Examples in Russian:

  • My clock is beautiful.

  • Мои часыкрасиво.

  • Moi chasy krasivo.

  • Your shoes are blue.

  • Ваш ботинки синие.

  • Vash botinki sinie.

  • His book is red.

  • Его книга красный.

  • Yego kniga krasnyĭ.

  • Our team lost yesterday.

  • Наша команда проиграла вчера.

  • Nasha komanda proigrala vchera.

  • Her father is a mechanic.

  • ее отец, механик.

  • yee otets,mehanik.

  • Their parents are teachers.

  • Их родители учителя.

  • Ih roditeli uchitelya.

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