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Russian Grammar: Sentence

Definition: The sentence is a group of words that have one sense and express a desire or a thought and idea. In Russian language the sentence have the next structure.


In Russian can find two forms of make one sentence and these forms are:

Affirmative Sentence

The sentence in affirmative form has the next structure: Subject + Adverb + Verb + Complement

  • Fish live in the sea.

  • Рыбы живут в море.

  • Ryby zhivut v more.

  • Students attend school from Monday to Friday.

  • Студенты ходят в школу с понедельника по пятницу.

  • Studenty hodyat v shkolu s ponedelʹnika po pyatnitsu.

  • Friday is the birthday of my brother.

  • Пятница день рождения моего брата.

  • Pyatnitsa denʹ rozhdeniya moego brata.

  • Juliet and her dog Fido walk for the square.

  • Джульетта и ее собака Фидо ходить квадратной.

  • Dzhulʹetta i yee sobaka Fido hoditʹ kvadratnoĭ.

  • My cousin's house is on Lima Street.

  • дом моего двоюродного брата на Лайма-стрит

  • dom moego dvoyurodnogo brata na Laĭma-strit

Negative Sentence

The sentence in negative form has the next structure: Subject + Negation (HE) + Adverb + Verb + Complement

  • Ricardo does not speak English.

  • Рикардо не говорит по-английски.

  • Rikardo ne govorit po- angliĭski.

  • I not went out on Friday at night.

  • Я не вышел в пятницу ночью.

  • YA ne vyshel v pyatnitsu nochʹyu.

  • In the world not all is violent.

  • В мире не все насильственные.

  • V mire ne vse nasilʹstvennye.

  • In life not everything is pink

  • в жизни не все розовые

  • v zhizni ne vse rozovye

  • I did not break the door.

  • Я не выломать дверь

  • YA ne vylomatʹ dverʹ

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