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Russian Pronunciation: Learn The Correct Accent + Intonation

Russia has several regional accents mainly in rural areas, therefore Russian language can vary from region to region. Some of these accents are easier to identify than others. Russian dialects have their own phonetic, writing and of course vocabulary.

There are two types of accents in Russian language:

  • Fixed: when accent falls on the same syllable of every form in a conjugation.
  • Variable: when the position of the accent is not the same in all verb conjugations.

Russian Stress

Stress plays an important role in Russian language; due to it makes a communication more effective.

  • The stress in Russian is free, this means that stress can fall on any syllable, for example:

  • On the initial syllable: долго > long

  • On a medial syllable:  дорога > road

  • On the final syllable:  карандаш > Pencil.

  • Sometimes the change of the stress can indicate change in the meaning of the word.

  • Орган > Organ (Part of the body).

  • Орган > Organ (Instrument).

  • Although, there are words that do not vary their meaning when we change the stress position.

  • Творог > Cottage cheese.

  • Творог > Cottage cheese.

  • Russian words are normally written without stress marks, this makes Russian language difficult to learn, especially for beginners.

  • Note: The letter Ё is always stressed.

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