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Russian Verb: давать (To Give)

The rules of Russian grammar states that the irregular verb давать to give loses the suffix ва- in all forms when it is conjugated in present tense. In the case of perfective and imperfective aspects, it must be added the suffix ва- when it is conjugated in past tense. The following table shows other grammatical exceptions in the Russian language as well as the proper conjugation of Russian verbs.

Russian Verb Conjugator

**ImperfectiveAspect****Perfective Aspect**
**Present Tense**  
1st Person SingularДаю 
2nd Person SingularДаёшь 
3rd Person SingularДаёт 
1st Person PluralДаём 
2nd Person PluralДаёте 
3rd Person PluralДают 
**Past Tense **  
**Future Tense **  
1st Person SingularБуду ДаватьДам
2nd Person SingularБудешь ДаватьДашь
3rd Person SingularБудет ДаватьДаст
1st Person PluralБудем ДаватьДадим
2nd Person PluralБудете ДаватьДадите
3rd Person PluralБудут ДаватьДадут
**Command Form **  
**Subjunctive Mood**  
Masculineдава́л быда́л бы
Feminineдава́ла быдала́ бы
Neuterдава́ло быдало́ бы
Pluralдава́ли быа́ли бы
Present Active Participleдаю́щий 
Past Active Participleдава́вшийда́вший
Present Passive Participleдава́емый 
Past Passive Participle да́нный
Verbal Adverb (Gerund)дава́я́да́в

Sample sentences:

  • She gave her students a new opportunity to study for the Russian examination.

  • Она дала своим ученикам новую возможность учиться русскому экспертизы.

  • Anna is tired to give recommendation to her partners.

  • Анна устала, чтобы дать рекомендации для ее партнеров.

  • They have given many good ideas to organize this event.

  • Они дали много хороших идей, чтобы организовать это мероприятие.

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