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What Is The Flag Of Russia And What Do Its Colors Mean?

The Russian flag also known as the National Flag of Russia or the Imperial Flag of Russia can be described by three horizontal strips that lay on top of one another in the following order white, blue and red. The flag was chosen as the official flag on May 7th 1883.

A quick tip that most people don't know is that the design of the flag of Russia was based on the flag of Netherlands. Though the flag design idea came from the Netherlands it uses Russian colors like white, blue and red. At the following just maps website are images of world maps to find the destination of Russia on a map.

Meaning Of Colors And Stripes On The Russian Flag

The designs of this flag has inspired many other flags like Slavic nations of Europe and the colors are often said to be pan-Slavic colors which has now come to stand for Slavic independence and unity for all Russians. Though there is no distinctive meaning for the colors of the flag some believe white stands for peace and generosity, blue standing for truth, loyalty and wisdom and red standing for strength, courage and love.

But others on the other hand believe that the colors represents nationalities white being represented as BeloRussians, blue being represented as the Ukrainians and red represents as the Russian people. Other Russians even trust that the colors of the flag represents white as God which is the top strip, blue as stars which is in between the two stripes and red representing peasants which is at the bottom of the strip. At the following link, Flag of Russia you can see an image of the Russian Flag to get a visual idea of description.

History Of Russian Flag

Russia flag history ages back to 1699 when the idea for a naval flag was thought of by Peter the Great who toke a trip to Netherlands to gain knowledge about shipbuilding, but uncovered on of Russia's most valued historical moments. Through the years the flag had been changed, removed and brought back again until in August 21, 1991 when the original design from Peter the Great was re-adopted officially a little bit before December 26, 1991 when Russia became a member of the United Nations.

Interesting Facts About The Russian Flag

  • Russians were first to use cloth flags.
  • Russian flag is not allowed to be drug on the ground.
  • There has been talk about changing the design of the Russian flag over the last few years, but nothing has come to change.
  • Russia's national color is red, and the shades of blue used in the flag can be from light sky blue to dark blue.
  • On August 21 of each year in Russia a national holiday named Day Of State Flag is celebrated. It has been this way since 1994 and has continued throughout the years.

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