Russian Grammar: Preposition B (in, at, into, to)

Written byAlina Sinitcyna

ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS: in, at, into, to

The preposition B is used to indicate when an object or person is in something or is within a specific location.


  • I am in the school bathroom

  • Я в школе ванной

  • YA vshkole vannoi

  • The turkey is in the oven

  • индейка в духовке

  • indyeika v dukhovke

  • My car was in the garage all week

  • моя машина была в гараже всю неделю

  • moya mashina byla v garazhe vsyu nedelyu

  • The trip to Spain was great

  • Поездка в Испанию была велика

  • Poezdka v Ispaniyu byla velika

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