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Written byAlina Sinitcyna

Russian translation is no longer reserved for Dostoevsky novels. Our global community results in a need for language translations in business, law, world communication systems, science, academics, travel, and entertainment.

Russian Translations Careers and Translation Schools

More than 25% of the world\92s scientific research documents are written in Russian.

Demand For Russian Translation

Demand for translations has increased in all fields of work. As the internet has become a prominent feature in the lives of people around the world, there has been more need for language translations.

Russian, an Important Language

Primarily spoken in Russia, the Russian language is the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages, with an estimated 150 million people speaking Russian as their first language. Russian-speaking populations can also be found in Europe, Asia, and North America. With Russia\92s open borders and stronger presence in the business world, there is a higher demand than ever for Russian translation.

Translation Jobs

Translation careers include positions for companies, governments, and as independent contractors. The main qualification for these jobs is to have good bilingual communication skills. Building these skills should be the focus of someone interested in a translation career.

Building Language Skills

Even if you didn\92t grow up learning two or more languages, you can develop your skills in the Russian language at a translation school. Translation schools focus on preparing you for achieving your language goals, whether they are for professional needs, or personal needs. The important concept that shouldn\92t be overlooked when considering translating is to learn about how the principles of grammar and syntax apply in a cultural sense. This ensures a thorough consideration of intent and meaning.

Finding the Right Translation School

Finding a school that fits your needs is important. Information about schools can be found on their websites, and by using sites about translation schools, such as Not only does the website give information on language schools, they also feature translation jobs. They also cover important aspects for those interested in a translation career, such as areas of specialization for translators, translation processes, translation services, and translation resources. This is a great tool for beginning a translator career.

Translation Education

The website language schools is a great resource for determining a school based on the language education desired, and the location of the school. Searches by country are available and allow a better understanding of the worldwide availability of language schools. Also, searches can be done according to language focus. This search illustrates what avenues to education are available according to your goals. The site also has information on the importance of language learning, linguistics, and language careers.

These sites are a valuable tool to assess your opportunities in language translation. The key is to find the right translation school according to your needs, and pursuing your goals in a growing industry. While being left to your own devices in Moscow can be a valuable resource in building Russian language skills, there may be an excellent resource within your own area.

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