The Best Places To Study Russian At In Russia

Written byAlina Sinitcyna

The globalization era has changed some paradigms in this current generation. The fashion, music, and the idea to know more about new cultures around the world are some areas where young people dedicate more time nowadays. In fact, since the beginning of this new century, many people are travelling around the world in order to learn new languages.

There are many language schools in all over the world. In Russia for example, students can find a lot of Russian language schools, and some of these schools have opened branches in other countries, thus creating a worldwide network of Russian schools.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are the most visited cities in Russia where foreigners are taking Russian language courses. However, there are other interesting cities that have good language schools. Here is a list of some language schools in Russia that offer excellent language and culture courses as well as some accommodations that you may need.

  • Privet Language school (Kaliningrad)

Telephone: +7-4012-333169

  • Globus Worldwide (Moscow)

Telephone: 621-99-32

  • Extra Class (St. Petersburg)

Telephone: +7 (812) 315 27 20

People are interested in studying in Russia because of its spectacular architectonic style, amazing Eurasian landscapes, warm people, rich historical background and colorful festivals and traditions.

Furthermore, Russia is home to some important writers such as Bulgakov, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chejov, Yesenin; to mention a few. A considerable group of people study Russian in order to understand more the literary work of the Russian writers that we mentioned before. Since Russia has an active participation in the United Nations, there is an increasing enthusiasm for learning Russian nowadays. We can conclude that the perfect place to learn Russian is by attending some prestigious language school in Russia.

Work-Study Programms in Russia: There are a lot of program with an excellent opportunity to acquire paid international work experience while learning Russian or improving existing Russian language skills. If you want to make a Professional Resume for job application, It's really important include these skills in your resume. The option of translation work is also possible for applicants with a sufficiently high level of Russian.

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Author: Alina Sinitcyna
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