Best Russian Dictionaries That Every Learner Should Use

Written byAlina Sinitcyna

Learning Russian may seem difficult due to the differences between its alphabet and the alphabet that we are all used to. But if you are interested, you will find it amusing and you will later be able to adapt yourself to the Russian alphabet and to the construction of the language itself. To make it easy for people who have decided to take up the challenge, there are plenty of student resources such as online dictionaries where you can look up the words that you do not know. These dictionaries are accurate and reliable; just make sure that you've chosen a good dictionary.

Russian Dictionary Translate words, web site, and documents in real time. Free online translations. In this site you can find a quick translation to Russian or from Russian to English. This is a site where you can find not only translations and different word meanings but also how to complete sentences.

Reverso It's an online dictionary that has a database of words and sentences in Russian; users can contribute to clear specific doubts.

Ectaco It's a Russian translator very useful for quick word searches.

Promt Promt is a translator that can be used for short and long texts in either Russian or English; it is becoming a very useful tool. It's a Russian translator and dictionary that can be used for words and phrases.

Livingo It's an online dictionary for advanced Russian language students.

Etymolgy It's a Russian etymology dictionary for advanced Russian students.

Gramota It's a Russian dictionary with many options for advanced Russian students like spelling verification, for example. It's a Russian dictionary and encyclopedia; it is very useful for advanced Russian students.

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Author: Alina Sinitcyna
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