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Written byAlina Sinitcyna

There are many people who considered Russian language as one of the most difficult language to learn, it is not entirely true because there are many aspects in which Russian language is easier to learn than other languages. Besides, it has very few pronunciation rules comparing with other languages, another advantage is that there are many words that look and sound like English ones, it is important because if you speak English, learn Russian will be easier for you.

Contrary to popular belief, Russian is not a difficult language to learn. Since Russian language has very few pronunciation rules which are very clear, Russian phonetics is pretty easy. Compared to English, most words in Russian language are pronounced the way they are spelled. However there are exceptions with some vowels /e/, /o/ and /ya/. You can look up your new words in Russian dictionaries where explain how you should spell a word.

Russian Vowels

An interesting feature about Russian language is that it has few pronunciation rules which make Russian language easier than other languages. Russian language is composed of 10 vowels which are divided into "hard" and "soft" pronunciation. The only difference between them is that soft vowels are pronounced weaker than hard vowels.

Russian Consonants

Russian language has 21 consonants which are classified in Soft and hard. On the other hand, there is an exception with the letter й which is called a semivowel. We must keep in mind that the pronunciation of Russian consonants can vary according from region to region, hence this page will show you the key phonetics rules of the Russian language.

Russian Accent and Intonation

As we already know, each language has its own phonetic system, and Russian language is not the exception. There are several Russian accents, due to this country is very large. For instance, countries that were part of the Soviet Union have different accents. If you practice Russian accent you will communicate properly with native inhabitants of this country.

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Author: Alina Sinitcyna
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